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NetHope, which started in 2001, is a unique collaboration of 34 of the world's leading international humanitarian organizations working together to solve common technology problems in the developing world.


Social entrepreneur Masood Razaq had a simple idea: a world-class searchable database of charities serving humanity in the Muslim world. Today, Goodgate catalogues over 2,500 charities and is the largest database of its kind.


Fetch is working on behalf of all pets and their owners who are being or have been affected by cancer or the symptoms of aging.

Buffalo Billiards

Where else in DC can you find 4 ten foot screens, 7 dart boards, 40 flat screens, 18 pool tables, 9 shuffleboard tables and 1 jukebox? Nowhere! Buffalo Billiards hosts the best parties in town.

Red Table Press

Independent screenprinter and member of the Squiid core team, Mike O'Brien, showcases and sells his work and manages his social web presence through his Red Table Press online hub.


Through its OzmosisESP product, healthcare organizations unlock the knowledge trapped within their walls and enable their staff and clinicians to communicate, collaborate, and share more easily and efficiently than ever before.


Social media goddess Paige Dearing's love for DIY radio sparked a thriving community of music lovers who broadcast and discuss the music they love up for on a weekly spot on AudioCandy+Radio. Tune in.

Yellow Dubmarine

Forty years after four musicians completed their swan song album which was named for the studio that they made famous, another group of supremely talented musicians entered into a studio to re-imagine that same album.

W.M. Schlosser Co.

Since 1962, W. M. Schlosser Co. has led the Washington DC area construction industry, with state of the art construction services for federal, state, and local governments.

10,000 Women

The 10,000 Women Emerging Leaders Programme, sponsored by the Goldman Sachs Charitable Foundation and developed by Opportunity International, empowers women from Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique.

Landscape Concierge Services

Landscape Concierge Services beautifully transforms landscape objectives and concepts into spectacular outdoor spaces. Seasoned director of talent team Arthur Balter showcases his work here.

Anudip Foundation

Anudip Foundation is dedicated to creating livelihood opportunities for impoverished people in rural areas and urban slums of India.