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We're passionate about creating written and visual communications that tell clear + engaging stories. We help our clients craft and hone their messages; then we execute comprehensive communications plans across a variety of digital media.


What We Do


Our team has the technical & strategic know-how to implement social and web-based communications efforts to carry your messages to all of your clients, followers and fans.


Finding the perfect words isn't always easy; it's an art. We work hard to create fresh, compelling and impactful messages to tell our clients' stories.


Make an instant good impression. Building fresh, innovative designs to go along with messaging is what helps our clients stand apart.


Meet The Team

We are collaborative individualists with a wealth of experience in strategic design & communications. We don't just get to have our fun on the weekends -- we have fun with what we do, and feel lucky to take on new and exciting challenges big and small for a diversity of industries.

  • Paige Dearing
    Principal / Marketing & Communications Specialist

    Armed with a pithy writing style and knack for strategic campaigns, Paige elevates organizations’ marketing and communication efforts by harnessing the power of digital content and tools. Her background in journalism, public relations, sales and online community building makes her a killer asset to any project looking for smart design, automated marketing campaigns or a detail-orientated leader. When she’s not online, she is most likely in down dog, climbing rocks or at the local soccer pub.

  • Emma Schwartz
    Content Creator

    An enthusiastic force with an eye for detail, Emma brings a unique creative perspective to every project. Prior to Squiid, she was a marketing coordinator at WB Engineers | Consultants. She holds a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, loves sweating through bikram yoga, dancing with goats and camping in the cold (provided there's a bonfire).

  • Shaun Robinson
    Technologist & Advisor

    Shaun is a software engineer and interface designer. Passionate about combining creativity and technology, he builds tools that solve problems and enrich the lives of real people. Shaun co-founded Squiid in 2010 with the mission of bringing agency-quality strategic, creative, technical, and project execution services to small businesses, not-for-profits and startups alike. Today, Shaun is focused on building a next-generation information system for main street American businesses. Shaun serves as a strategic and technical advisor to Squiid. When he is not whiteboarding or programming Clojure, he is hanging out with his lovely and talented wife Paige around their neighborhood in Washington, DC.



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